Sean Bean is Hitman 2’s First Elusive Target

Elusive Targets were some of the most memorable missions in the first Hitman. These limited time only challenges task you with hunting down a new visitor to a familiar map and taking them down permanently. With Hitman 2‘s November 13 release approaching, IO Interactive is going in-depth on the first target for the sequel. Played by actor Sean Bean, Mark Faba is “The Undying.” An assassin himself, Faba has a knack for using unconventional weapons and for faking his own death when he needs to escape.

In a press release, Sean states his excitement to be joining Hitman 2‘s cast. “It’s always exciting to take on a new role, and I’m looking forward to everyone seeing my character in action when the mission launches.” Sean Bean is famously known for playing characters who end up dead in the movies, so his Hitman persona is a neat twist.

In the trailer accompanying the announcement, Sean talks to his therapist about his career. He demonstrates the killing potential of several objects in the doctor’s room before shooting him with a silenced pistol. All this happens as Agent 47 watches on from an undisclosed location, but it’s not a secret. Both killers know that the game is afoot and they’re ready for the mission ahead.

On the official Hitman 2 Elusive Target website, players can vote on one of the three objects Faba toyed with during the trailer. The winning tool of destruction will be a reward for successfully eliminating Sean Bean’s character in the final mission. Your choices include a toy robot flash grenade, a garrote hiding as a pair of headphones, and an explosive pen.

Sean Bean’s Hitman 2 level, known as The Undying, will launch November 20, one week from the game’s launch. Players will have 10 days to ensure that Mark Faba doesn’t get away and earn their unconventional killing tool.