Hitman 3 Roadmap details February content, including KindaFunny contracts

Hitman 3 has plenty of post-launch content planned for the month ahead. All players can enjoy a new Elusive Target mission, plus several free Escalation Contracts — some of which come from the minds of KindaFunny and MinnMax. As outlined in the Hitman 3 February Roadmap, however, new weapons and outfits are exclusively available to owners of the Deluxe Edition.

Hitman 3 February Roadmap | New missions, weapons, and outfits detailed

Hitman 3 February Roadmap

Hitman 3 is arguably one of the long-running series’ best entries. Now, just a couple of weeks after its launch, the game is already improving via free updates. Most of the new content is available to all players, but some additions are only available to users that purchased Hitman 3 Deluxe Edition.

Hitman 3 February Roadmap | List of all contents

  • Escalation Contract: The Baskerville Barny — Thursday, February 4
    • Return to Thornbridge Manor and, using only accidental kills, assassinate the entire Carlisle family.
  • Dubai Featured Contracts: MinnMax — Thursday, February 11
    • The Minnmax staff and community have created a set of contracts based in Dubai.
  • Escalation Contract: The Sinbad Stringent — Thursday, February 18
    • 47 must use his renowned knife-throwing skills to knock down hanging boxes, though what’s inside remains a mystery for now.
  • Dartmoor Featured Contracts: KindaFunny — Tuesday, February 23
    • The KindaFunnyGames crew brings a set of contracts based in Dartmoor.
  • Deluxe Escalation Contract: The Proloff Parable — Tuesday, February 23
    • Only available to owners of the Deluxe Edition, this contract features three exclusives unlocks:
      • The White Shadow outfit
      • Custom Sieger 300 sniper rifle
      • White Katana melee weapon
  • Deluxe Escalation Contract: The Gauchito Antiquity — Tuesday, February 23
    • This contract is only available to Hitman 3 Deluxe Edition owners, plus features three exclusive unlockables:
      • The Guru Suit outfit
      • Guru’s Emetic Grenade item
      • Guru’s Pen Syringe Emetic item
  • Elusive Target: The Deceivers — Friday, February 26
    • Two targets, known as The Deceivers, are roaming Sapienza; it’s up to Agent 47 to make sure they never leave.

For a glimpse of all the Hitman 3 February Roadmap content in action, check out the trailer below:

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