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Hitman 3 | Dubai Helicopter Key location

As in previous games, Hitman 3 gives Agent 47 a few choices when it comes time to leave each mission. In the case of Dubai, it’s possible to leave the tower by commandeering the helicopter outside the penthouse. However, before you can make your escape, you’ll need to find the helicopter key. Luckily, the helicopter key location is not far from the helipad. Here’s where to look.

Hitman 3 | Where to find the helicopter key in Dubai

Hitman 3 - Where to find helicopter key location

The helicopter key in Dubai is located directly underneath the helipad. To get it, take the ladder on the south side of the landing pad down to the metal walkway. Alternatively, you can find the helicopter key by walking from the art gallery maintenance area outside onto the terrace.

The main use for the helicopter key is to provide a unique way to leave the Burj Al-Ghazali tower. Finding the key completes the Rotor Ready discovery challenge, which unlocks a bonus 1,000 XP. Escaping via helicopter once the Dubai targets have been eliminated completes the Up and Away discovery challenge with an identical reward.

Hitman 3 - Dubai helicopter key location map

While you’re in the area, it’s worth taking out the helicopter pilot and donning his disguise to complete the Rotor Man challenge. Incapacitating the pilot is also required for a few other Dubai challenges: After triggering an evacuation (completing the Geronimo feat) and without a pilot to fly the chopper, the targets will attempt to flee the tower via parachute. This sets the stage for the Mile High Drop assassination as well as the complicated-but-hilarious Flying Monkey Business challenge.

If you want to escape via helicopter in Dubai, you’ll need to find the helicopter key underneath the helipad. It’s just a short distance away, so it shouldn’t be too hard to locate. After that, Agent 47 will be able to fly off toward the golden horizon.