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Hitman 3 | How to kill Dubai ‘On Top of the World’ targets

The Hitman 3 Dubai mission is the first level in the game, with ‘On Top of the World’ placing Agent 47 in the Burj Al-Ghazali with two targets to assassinate. This mission asks players to eliminate Carl Ingram and Marcus Stuyvesant, two former Partners of Providence. As expected, there are many different ways to kill the two targets, but which is the easiest? Here’s the easy way to kill the Hitman 3 Dubai ‘On Top of the World’ targets.

Easy way to kill Carl Ingram in Hitman 3 Dubai

How to kill Dubai 'On Top of the World' targets

The easiest way to kill Carl Ingram is to take him out with a pistol shortly after the mission begins. He is immediately vulnerable while leaning out over the top balcony overlooking Agent 47’s default starting position.

By going upstairs and using the pipe hidden behind red leafage, players can quickly get into position for an easy shot away from guards.

How to kill Dubai 'On Top of the World' targets

For those who aren’t yet able to bring a pistol into the level, the “How The Mighty Fall” Mission Story offers the easiest and quickest way of killing Carl Ingram and the other target. It’s also the best Mission Story for satisfying your partner in crime, Lucas Grey.

Easy way to kill Marcus Stuyvesant in Hitman 3 Dubai

How to kill Dubai 'On Top of the World' targets

The easiest way to kill Marcus Stuyvesant is to shoot him with a pistol at the mission start. He can be shot by Agent 47 through a window.

From the default starting position, players will want to quickly move upstairs a level and then climb the pipe concealed by red leaves. This leads to a great position where both Marcus Stuyvesant and the other target can be taken out within seconds of one another.

Players can use the Flash Phone to stun his guards and delay their realization of what has happened.

If a pistol isn’t yet available to the player, the “How The Mighty Fall” mission story offers the quickest way of taking out Marcus Stuyvesant and the second target. Again, it’s also the best for keeping 47’s partner, Lucas Grey, happy.

Once the Elusive Targets get added to the game, there will be even more contracts for Agent 47 to carry out in Dubai. Here’s the need-to-know about an expected release date.

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