Hitman 3 ‘IOI Account Error’ is stopping players from importing progress

The Hitman 3 “IOI Account” error is preventing players from importing their Hitman and Hitman 2 progress into the third installment. The Progression Carryover website is currently down and giving 500 and 503 error codes. For many, the site won’t load.

Hitman 3 “IOI Account” Error explained

Hitman 3 IOI Account Error Fix

The Hitman 3 “IOI Account Error” is appearing for users who want to carry over their progress from the previous Hitman games. With Hitman 3 acting as a hub for the “World of Assassination” trilogy of games, being able to link accounts is a crucial part of the experience.

While the cause of the Hitman 3 Progression Carryover website being down isn’t officially confirmed, launch day for a video game is always a tense time. A high volume of players can often lead to server downtime, with a game’s popularity being underestimated. It’s not unusual for this sort of thing to happen, but it’s still unfortunate.

Hitman 3 “IOI Account Error” Fix

The good news is that, as seen in the tweet below, developer IO Interactive is “on it” and working on a fix. The dev has stated that it is “tracking and will have everyone in the game, with their progress, as soon as possible.”

Here’s hoping players can enjoy Hitman 3‘s launch day with no more technical hiccups. This period of downtime will hopefully be short, with all players soon able to seamlessly experience the trilogy of Hitman games in one main hub area inside of Hitman 3.

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