Starlink Best Buy Orders Are Not Coming With The Game

Many customers are finding that their Starlink Best Buy orders do not include the game itself. The Ubisoft toys-to-life venture released earlier this week but a specific version of the game has been affected by Best Buy’s blunder.

It seems that those who have ordered the Nintendo Switch starter set of the title from the chain’s online store have received it with only the toys. This version comes with an exclusive Arwing ship and Fox McCloud pilot. The first report of this came on October 16 via ResetEra. A user on the forum said that their copy of the Switch starter set had no tape securing the box and that the game missing when it arrived in the mail.

A Reddit user also had a similar situation, except it was more severe. EpicAbcdude states that their packaging was actually “cut up with a razor blade”. They add that the game case “forcibly removed through the plastic”.  An image of the packaging was also shared in the post.

The official Best Buy page for Starlink: Battle For Atlas currently has six, one-star reviews of the game. They all say that the game did not come in the packaging and that the box was unsealed. Some have been able to exchange their opened copies, however. Reddit user aricberg has said that he was able to go to his local Best Buy and exchange his opened copy of the title for one that includes the software. So, for now, that appears the best method for dealing with it. This version of Starlink, however, is completely sold out on Best Buy’s online store.

The closest the company has come to making an official statement on this matter is various replies on its support Twitter account. We’ll keep you updated on GameRevolution with more news as we get it.