Football Manager 2019 Beta Release Date Confirmed

The Football Manager 2019 beta release date has been announced by Sega and Sports Interactive. The beta version of this year’s edition, in the long-running soccer franchise, will drop this evening (Thursday, October 18) but no official time frame has been announced yet. The pre-release beta will be released on PC and Mac, and give the public their first chance to get hands-on with Football Manager 2019.

Publisher Sega and developer Sports Interactive revealed the news in an official press release on Thursday afternoon. The beta version of previous Football Manager games had usually landed a fortnight before the game’s official launch. This year’s beta release keeps that run going, and will allow Football Manager players to get to grips with it over the course of the weekend.

Football Manager players who have pre-purchased the game, from a Sega approved digital retailer, can log in to Steam on Thursday evening and launch the beta from their games library. Anyone who is yet to pre-order the game, ahead of its November 2 release day, can do so now and will be eligible to download the beta immediately too. Players will also have the opportunity to carry their beta saves into the full version of the game when it lands in two weeks’ time.

The Football Manager 2019 beta is a near-complete version of the game. It comes equipped with some of the biggest leagues in the world, such as the Premier League, La Liga, and the new fully licensed Bundesliga, to give players a sample of what to expect from this year’s edition. Football Manager 2019 has seen a major overhaul to two key components of its gameplay, with tactics and training revamped to suit modern day soccer. Other under-the-hood tweaks have taken place as well, with improvements to the match engine, a cleaner UI interface, changes to the scouting feature, and much more.