MapleStory 2 Downloads Surpass 1 Million, Celebration Ensues

MapleStory 2 downloads have surpassed 1 million since the game’s head start program launched on in early October. The sequel to Nexon and NCSoft‘s MapleStory has transferred much of that game’s charm into another free-to-play MMORPG. Nexon revealed a celebration of the milestone with in-game rewards, events, and more.

Nexon announced the milestone and ensuing celebration in a blog post today. The 1 million number was hit within 10 days of the game’s early access program “Head Start” began October 10. Maplestory 2 will have a number of in-game events for the celebration. Firstly, there will be two rolls whenever players complete a dungeon instead of the usual one roll. Players that have reached the max level will be given a “style crate” which includes a special cosmetic item. Max level players will also be given 500 red merits, which can be used to purchase cosmetic items and more.

Along with these events, MapleStory 2 also has Halloween events running through November 8. A special quest and area have opened up for players during the Halloween event, as have new daily quests that unlock exclusive Halloween-themed rewards. MapleStory 2‘s Halloween event also lets players raise a creature known as “Pumky,” a bat-pumpkin hybrid.

MapleStory 2 is a 3D isometric title, unlike its predecessor’s 2D platformer style. The game is currently sitting at a “mostly positive” rating on Steam, and has an active subreddit. Some are arguing the game is heavily monetized, and calling it “grindy” while others in the community are just mad about chat filters. A million MapleStory 2 downloads is nothing to scoff at, and more download milestones are likely to come soon.

The first MapleStory achieved over 92 million downloads in its first years years on the market, with about 6 million in North America. MapleStory 2 might not hit the heights of MapleStory, but the game is off to a solid start worldwide. The landscape of online games has shifted significantly from MapleStory‘s heyday, although it would seem that Nexon and NCSoft have found a niche for themselves.