Arcade Spirits Voiceover Auditions Open

Arcade Spirits voiceover auditions have begun, and anyone with a decent audio recording setup can apply. Voiceover roles for the new indie visual novel are limited to a single character for now, but the casting call suggests additional Arcade Spirits voiceover character auditions will take place further down the line.

Initial Arcade Spirits voiceover auditions center around Ashley, with those hoping to provide her voice in the game being asked to help her “express her love of cosplay, arcade games, and Taco Tuesdays”

For those who haven’t heard of the indie visual novel by now, Arcade Spirits isn’t some spooky tale of ghosts in an old arcade. Rather, it’s set in an alternate 20XX year where the infamous arcade crass of the 80s never took place. In this timeline, arcades continued to thrive. Getting a job at the Funplex, the visual novel sees you interact with the establishment’s many patrons and personnel striking up friendships and relationships along the way.

Going by the game’s website, Arcade Spirits currently has seven named characters for you to presumably flirt with: Juniper, Gavin, Naomi, Teo, Queenbee, Percy, and Ashley, with the final slot reserved for the player character of your own creation. Appearances and pronouns of the player character are entirely up to you, so it’s safe to assume your chosen gender won’t block you from striking up a rapport with your favorite characters.

As for Ashley, she’s penned as an “aspiring cosplayer” who is “seeking something she doesn’t fully understand through costumed self-expression.” If you’re a budding or experienced voice actor and think you can bring the bright-eyed blonde’s personality to life, now’s your chance. And yes, it pays.

Arcade Spirits is currently scheduled for an early 2019 release from Pqube Games, but a presumably unvoiced 30-minute demo is already available online. Those who back the game on Patreon can get monthly updated demos and access to the full game on launch.