No Man’s Sky The Abyss Free Update Release Date Announced

Hello Games has announced that No Man’s Sky The Abyss is on the way as a free update next week. The free content update focuses on all the scary, spooky stuff in No Man’s Sky, building on what’s already there just in time for Halloween. Despite revealing the release date and some information about The Abyss, the folks over at Hello Games refrained from detailing too much about the incoming free content update. All we know is that it is releasing next week and will focus on the “eerier elements” of No Man’s Sky.

No Man's Sky The Abyss

Taking to its official website, Hello Games offered a press release on No Man’s Sky’s next free update. “No Man’s Sky NEXT launched just a couple of months ago. We have been absolutely overwhelmed by the positive response. We are excited to be on this journey with you.” Over the course of the last few months, Hello Games has been giving players plenty of free content updates. The likes of being able “to customize body shape,” the addition of “the Pilgrim Motorbike, and companion features such as the addition of discovery leaderboards to the Galactic Atlas,” which allow “the community to track progress between factions,” have all been added to the game since launch.

The game has received a large number of patches since its release, with the most recent being the No Man’s Sky 1.65 update. This added new building parts, plants, and provided general fixes. Hello Games has “enjoyed posting weekly development updates and highlighting some of what players are up to in [the] game. It’s so gratifying, and often quite touching, to see how No Man’s Sky and the community have grown and evolved.” This is a company that has “been listening intently, and [is] hard at work on fixes and improvements.” The Abyss represents the latest efforts of a team constantly working to improve and listen to its fans.