New Twin Mirror Gameplay Trailer From Dontnod Entertainment

A new Twin Mirror gameplay trailer was shown off at Paris Games Week earlier today. Dontnod Entertainment is developing the episodic psychological thriller for Bandai Namco. Twin Mirror was announced in June 2018, and its first episode Lost on Arrival is coming to the PS4, Xbox One, and PC sometime in 2019.

The new trailer gives a clearer picture of the Twin Mirror gameplay systems. Player character Sam Hayes is dealing with a split personality/alter ego, while also trying to uncover mysteries of the town of Basswood. Players will be able to use Hayes’ “memory visualization” to reconstruct events after they have happened. Hayes’ “mind palace” is where players will explore and piece together information, then players will reenter the real world to find more clues and continue their investigation. The whole thing is quite trippy, as we noted in our Gamescom hands-on preview. Check out the Twin Mirror gameplay trailer below.

Players try to uncover the whole truth, which will then lead to new mysteries, and further objectives within the Basswood community. Dontnod Entertainment will also be bringing dialogue choices and a branching narrative to Twin Mirror. Sam Hayes’ alter ego “the Double” will offer assistance to the player throughout their journey, although his assistance may not always be so helpful.

Twin Mirror is set in the West Virginian town of Basswood, and Hayes has traveled back to his hometown for a funeral. The funeral is the spark that begins the game’s story, and sets Hayes on his journey. The game has shades of TV show Twin Peaks, and other games like Silent Hill, along with other episodic games including their own Life Is Strange series.

French studio Dontnod Entertainment formed in 2008, and first released Remember Me in 2013. Following that game’s poor financial success was 2015’s Life Is Strange that has buoyed the publicly traded company in recent years. Vampyr was released to modest reviews earlier this year, while Life Is Strange 2 is in the middle of releasing episodes.