Undertale 2 Could Be Announced Tomorrow (Update)

Update: The Undertale creator has now lifted the lid on the mysterious project, offering a free download of Deltarune. You can check it out right here.

 Undertale 2 could be announced tomorrow, with the game’s official Twitter page posting a series of cryptic messages alluding to a new game. Though it isn’t confirmed whether or not developer Toby Fox is planning a sequel to the critically-acclaimed indie hit, it certainly appears as though he has something in the works for Halloween.

The Undertale dev told followers to “RETURN HERE IN [24 HOURS].” Elaborating on what he has in store, Fox continued: “AT THAT TIME, I WILL ASK YOU A FEW QUESTIONS … THEN USING YOUR RESPONSES WE WILL APPROACH ITS REALIZATION.”

Though Undertale appeared to wrap up its story, there’s no saying that an Undertale 2 would directly continue from the events of the 2015 game. Many fans of the original would appreciate Fox emulating its style and carrying it over to a brand new experience, so this could well be the case. Or Fox could be working on a completely different game. We’ll just have to wait until October 31st to find out.

Undertale proved to be an unexpected success for Fox, with it achieving critical acclaim and far surpassing 1 million units sold in its first year of release. Fans have been eagerly awaiting Fox’s next project, though whether or not he has another indie hit on his hands remains to be seen. The developer has remained mostly quiet up until this no point, though in Undertale‘s original Kickstarter it was stated that additional funds raised may go into the development of a second game. The campaign raised over $51,000 of its initial $5,000 goal.

The tweet was posted to the Undertale account just before 9 am EDT, so check back tomorrow at the same time to see if there have been any further developments. Hopefully, by Halloween, we’ll have a brand new and wonderfully weird Undertale successor to look forward to.