Smash Bros Ultimate Direct: Street Fighter’s Ken Brings the Fight

Smash Bros Ultimate will feature Street Fighter‘s Ken as an Echo fighter, with the fighting game veteran serving as Ryu’s counterpart in the upcoming Nintendo Switch brawler. Ken was announced during today’s Nintendo Direct presentation.

Ken boasts two final smashes, with the Shinryuken and his Shippu Jinraikyaku being added to his arsenal. In the cinematic used to reveal the character, Ken squared off against Punch-Out‘s Little Mac and Pokemon‘s Incineroar, who is also a brand new character.

This marks Ken’s first appearance in Smash Bros, with him only being one of two new characters announced during the Direct. We’re sure more characters are on their way for DLC, though as it stands these are all the fighters we’ve got so far.

Check out Ken in action below:

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