Smash Bros Ultimate Direct: Piranha Plant Joins as DLC

Out of all the speculated new fighters to appear in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, I don’t think many were expecting this. Piranha Plant, the potted enemy from Super Mario Bros, is the first downloadable fighter for this ultimate crossover fighter. This means that he won’t be ready for the launch, but he’ll be coming soon afterward.

Piranha Plant is not included as part of the Fighter’s Pass, which is the Smash Bros season pass coming out alongside the game. Instead, Piranha Plant will be given to any purchasers around launch for free. Digital owners will get the character automatically, while physical purchasers will need to register the cart on the My Nintendo website.

Using his two leaves as hands and plenty of headbutts, Piranha Plant fights in an unorthodox manner. There’s plenty of stretching out his head to chomp foes, as well as transforming into alternate plants for special moves. He can also launch spikey balls from his gaping maw and spit poison onto its opponents. Ducking down into his pot will allow Piranha Plant to avoid attacks and charge up for a long-range strike.

Piranha Plant’s Final Smash summons Petey Piranha, who will capture opponents in a cage before dealing massive damage. This character towers over just about everyone else on the battlefield, matching up with his appearance in Super Mario Sunshine

There are five other fighters that will be developed for Super Smash Bros Ultimate over the course of the next year. Will any of them include Banjo-Kazooie, Isaac or the other characters hinted at in the now proved false Grinch leak? It seems that fans were clamoring for Chorus Kids and Mach Rider, so we’ll just have to wait and see who Mr. Sakurai will put into production next.