New Dragon Quest Monsters Game Announced for Consoles

Square Enix has announced that it is currently developing a brand-new Dragon Quest Monsters game. The JRPG devoloper didn’t confirm much about the game, however, despite being revealed as part of a Dragon Quest Monsters 20th anniversary broadcast entitled “Coming-of-Age.”

Details on the project are thin on the ground, but Square Enix did give some details regarding the newest entry into the long-running series. According to Games Talk (translation handily supplied by Gematsu), the new Dragon Quest Monsters game isn’t a remake or a sequel to the Dragon Quest Monsters Joker series of games. This will be an entirely new Dragon Quest Monsters experience.

Alongside this little bit of information, we also know that the new Monsters game is currently in development on consoles. Square Enix wouldn’t divulge what machines the new game will be releasing on, however. We do know, meanwhile, that the game’s protagonists are from Dragon Quest 11.

The new Dragon Quest Monsters game will star Erik and Mia (from Dragon Quest 11) but as children. Square Enix even showed off Akira Toriyama’s art for the pair, which you can see below (courtesy of Games Talk).

New Dragon Quest Monsters Game

Dragon Quest Monsters originally began life on the Game Boy Color and has since found a home on various Nintendo handhelds. The latest entry into the spin-off series, Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 3, released on the 3DS back in 2016, but never saw the light of day outside of Japan. Seen as something of an attempt at the Pokemon style of JRPG, Dragon Quest Monsters sees you fighting with and collecting monsters from throughout the Dragon Quest franchise. Your caught monsters collect experience points upon successfully besting enemies.

Just as in Pokemon, too, you can breed monsters. Rather than Pokemon’s breeding system, which will give you a set monster based on who you breed together, Dragon Quest Monsters gives you monsters that cannot be found in any other way, changing based on what monsters you breed together.