Samsung Foldable Phone Reveal Coming This Week

Samsung is preparing to detail new foldable phones during a developer conference in San Francisco. The new devices will act as a tablet when folded flat, will be able to fold in half so as to fit in one’s pocket. Samsung has been working on a flexible, folding phone since 2013. The new Samsung foldable phone will be similar to concepts shown over the years. The Samsung foldable phone is expected to release sometime next year but the date has not been officially revealed yet.

The company has been dropping hints and tidbits of information over the past few weeks. The Samsung Mobile page on Facebook changed its profile picture on November 4 to the Samsung logo folding over itself. The upcoming device is expected to be revealed by the end of the week, with Samsung hosting its developer conference on November 7 and 8. Last month, Samsung mobile CEO DJ Koh told CNET that the device will have a large, tablet-sized screen, but can be folded into a more portable phone. The device is expected to work in either form factor, adapting its screen and UI to both folded and flat.

Competitors like Huawei have also announced foldable phones for release next year. Relative newcomer Royole introduced the FlexPai to the world at the end of October. The FlexPai will be the world’s first commercial foldable smartphone, and is planned for release by the end of December. LG and other competitors are also working on foldable displays that might end up in smartphones. The future of phones is coming, and it’s even bigger phablets.

Flexible displays have been a technological unicorn for over a decade, with companies like Sony beginning to research the technology. Samsung and LG began releasing curved display phones in 2013, with devices like the Galaxy Round and LG G Flex, respectively.