Eevee Pokemon Tamagotchi May Have Been Leaked

An Eevee Pokemon Tamagotchi appears to have been leaked after promotional images have appeared online. While the leak is unconfirmed, the pictures do seem fairly convincing as far as these things go.

Serebii first reported on the images which were reportedly leaked from Japanese image boards. They show two version of the virtual pet toy, one with a classic brown and white Eevee design and another which is pink surrounded with designs of it’s evolved forms.

Both feature the Tamagotchi Nano, which and appears to let you raise virtual pet Eevee. Serebii also says the translation indicates the Eevee will first hatch from an egg like a traditional Tamagotchi.

Then Eevee should evolve into one of its eight evolutions depending on your treatment. This means they might even be similar to the old Digimon virtual pet toys. They also maintain the style of the older Tamagotchi appearing to stick with the monochrome pixel line art and simple three button controls. Outfits were also shown in the image, featuring Eevee dressing up as Team Rocket, a Ditto, and having flowers on its head.

Whether or not this leak is true remains to be seen but it would coincide with the Eevee fever that has been rampant leading up to the release of Pokemon Let’s Go. If true, it could also mean we see a Pikachu variant like the Pocket Pikachu virtual pets from the 2000s.

If the Eevee Pokemon Tamagotchi does turn out to be real, it’s best to keep in mind that many details may change. Also Western fans had best temper their expectations as it’s not uncommon for obscure toys like these to never make it out of Japan.

Hopefully, we’ll hear more about these digital pets around the time Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee and Let’s Go Pikachu release next week on November 16.