First Detective Pikachu Trailer Showcases Ryan Reynolds’ Talents

The first Detective Pikachu trailer is out and we finally get to see the voice talents of Ryan Reynolds in action. This upcoming live-action film will put the adorable yellow mouse in a rare speaking role (although it isn’t the first time our favorite Pokémon spoke).

Filming began in January of this year. The first Detective Pikachu trailer shows us a world where Pokémon are a part of everyday life. What’s interesting and unique is that our titular hero is able to speak in complete sentences. Detective Pikachu utilizes the voice talents of the devilishly handsome Ryan Reynolds. Mr. Reynolds tweeted out the trailer in his typical snarky style. Take a peek at the trailer for yourself to see his talents on display.

Private investigator Harry Goodman has disappeared. His son Tim is understandably anxious and wants to track down his dad, but he isn’t quite how he’ll get that done. Fortunately, our miniature hero enters his life and is keen to help. Much to Tim’s surprise, he’s able to communicate in English with Pikachu! This is certainly not the norm for Pokémon as most people can only hear them say their own names or animalistic sounds. Even stranger is the fact that only Tim can understand Pikachu; everyone else simply hears the standard “Pika, pika!” chatter.

Pokémon is certainly a strong franchise in its own right and the Detective Pikachu spinoff seems primed to make a splash. A Detective Pikachu Amiibo was announced in a March 2018 Nintendo Direct; this particular figure will be nearly the double size of comparable figures.

The first Detective Pikachu trailer heralds the expansion of this spinoff onto the silver screen; the Nintendo 3DS game that it’s based on first came west in March of this year. Tim and Pikachu are all set to go on an epic journey to find his dad in a world full of adventure. You won’t have to wait too long to see it for yourself, as the Detective Pikachu movie releases worldwide on May 10, 2019.