Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC release date set for June, Legendary birds return

The Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC release date has finally been revealed following yesterday’s announcement. A Japanese-exclusive trailer has revealed brand-new details about The Isle of Armor in the Pokemon Sword and Shield expansion pass reveal the return of Galarian ArticunoGalarian Moltres, and Galarian Zapdos among many new features.

Kicking things off, the two Legendary Pokemon are the Electric-type Legendary Pokemon “Regieleki” and “Regidrago,” although these may be Japanese-exclusive names. Regieleki has the new “Transistor” and “Thunder Cage” abilities, the latter of which can trap opponents in an electrified cage for 4–5 turns while doing damage. Regidrago, on the other hand, is a Dragon-type with the new abilities “Dragon’s Maw” and “Dragon Energy.” Dragon Energy does more damage with higher HP, although it’s unclear whether that means your Pokemon’s HP or the opponent Pokemon’s HP.

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Another big feature coming on the Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC release date is the return of three classic Legendary Pokemon. Galarian forms of Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres are on the way, each with new types and new abilities.

Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC returning Pokemon

What are the returning Legendary Pokemon in The Isle of Armor?

  • Galarian Articuno
    • Psychic/Flying Type
    • Ability: Competitive
    • Ability: Freezing Glare – May leave the target frozen.
  • Galarian Moltres
    • Dark/Flying Type
    • Ability: Berserk
    • Ability: Fiery Wrath – Does damage and can cause your opponent to flinch.
  • Galarian Zapdos
    • Fighting/Flying Type
    • Ability: Defiant
    • Ability: Thunderous Kick – Does damage and lowers defense.

Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC release date temple

That’s not all that’s coming, though! Aside from these new and returning legendaries, some cool new features are entering the mix. One is an item that’s known as the “Cram-o-matic” which can let you combine four items into a new item; the output item is determined by what you put into it.

The upcoming Isle of Armor DLC (which will arrive before The Crown Tundra) is also going to feature the debut of “Dynamax Soup.” This new item will let a Pokemon transform into its Gigantamax version if it has one.

You’ll be able to see all of these new features and more (most of which have been covered by Serebii) in The Isle of Armor on the Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC release date of June 17, 2020. The Crown Tundra will arrive sometime after that.