Pokemon Battle Academy board game will heat up your summer

The Pokemon Battle Academy board game has just been announced! Based on the long-running Pokemon Trading Card Game, this brand-new Pokemon tabletop game looks like it will be a great way to introduce kids to a new way to play Pokemon.

While there have been a fair few Pokemon board games in the past, Pokemon Battle Academy will specifically focus on adapting the trading card game in a simpler format. That would make this a board game adaptation of a card game which was itself adapted from a video game.

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Each box comes with a game board for two players, three 60-card decks, tutorials, and related gameplay accessories according to a press release. The average playing time is listed at 30 minutes, although I should caution that those estimates rarely survive contact with reality — especially if you’re playing with younger children.

The fun doesn’t end there, though; it also includes a code for the digital version of the Pokemon Trading Card Game. This brand-new Pokemon experience will be launching worldwide on July 31, 2020. You can read more about it at the Pokemon Battle Academy board game website.