Ninja Apologized for Trying to get Fortnite Player Banned

Ninja Apologized for Trying to get Fortnite Player Banned

After trying to get another Fortnite player banned, pro streamer Ninja apologized, sort of. He originally accused the player in question of stream sniping and filed a report for the assumed behavior.

PCGamesN reports that during his stream on November 11 Ninja was taken out by a Fortnite player called IcyFive. Audible to stream viewers, Ninja’s teammate DrLupo said “Watch for the emote,” and not long after IcyFive’s avatar performed a dance.

It’s incredibly common for someone to use an emote such as a dance in Fortnite to celebrate a kill. Even more so if they recognized the popular streamer’s name, however, Ninja took this correlation as proof of screen cheating. The assumption being that IcyFive’s dance was in response to hearing DrLupo, rather than a normal interaction in the course of play.

“What an idiot. How Stupid can you be?” said Ninja referring to what he perceived at the time to be IcyFive’s indirect admission of guilt. Other players pointed out that dancing after a kill is fairly normal. Many raised concerns on Reddit that because of Ninja’s profile, IcyFive may actually be punished.

IcyFive also became aware of his sudden notoriety and posted video evidence to Twitter in an attempt to clear his name. Thankfully this led to a quick apology from DrLupo claiming he never assumed that IcyFive was a screen cheater saying “I didn’t think you did, all good on my end.”

Ninja apologized on one of the Twitter threads, though he also accused IcyFive of playing the victim and told the player to “Stop milking it.”

The good news is it looks like IcyFive hasn’t been banned by Epic and he probably gained a fair few views on his YouTube video explaining the situation for his trouble.

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