Path of Exile Betrayal Expansion Release Date Announced

The new Path of Exile expansion has been revealed. Path of Exile Betrayal will bring new storylines and mechanics to the free-to-play action RPG. Grinding Gear Games released a trailer and new information regarding the expansion today. Betrayal is releasing December 7 on PC and Xbox One, with the PS4 version of Path of Exile close behind.

Path of Exile: Betrayal sees players assisting Jun Ortoi in hunting down the organization known as the Immortal Syndicate. The Syndicate is built from four divisions, with a total of 18 unique Syndicate members that have personalities, friendships, rivalries, and more. Players are encouraged to bargain with, execute, interrogate, and perform subterfuge to sow division and destroy the Syndicate.

Also new in the expansion are Syndicate safehouses, which are dungeons themed after one of the four divisions of the Immortal Syndicate and each have unique items and rewards. Veiled items bring new modifiers and crafting to the game, with Jun acting as the character to “unveil” the special effects for items.

Betrayal introduces five new masters, NPCs that offer missions to the player, and specialize in particular crafting skills. Path of Exile‘s bestiary and monster hunting have also been cleaned up and improved for players. Hardcore fans will be excited to know that mastercrafting has been streamlined, meaning the most powerful gear is more reliably obtained. The expansion also brings new maps to the end-game, the Atlas of Worlds.

No expansion would be complete without new skills and items, and Path of Exile Betrayal has those in spades. All three core archetypes are receiving new skills, and changes to existing ones. Several supporter packs are available alongside Betrayal with new character cosmetics and digital extras.

Path of Exile was recently announced for PS4. The free-to-play title is often compared to Diablo, and has been available on Xbox One for over a year, with the PC version having been released back in 2013. More information on Betrayal can be found here.