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Darksiders Publisher THQ Nordic Currently Developing 35 Unannounced Games

Darksiders publisher THQ Nordic has revealed that it has 35 unannounced games in development. The video game publisher, which used to be known simply as Nordic Games, declined to reveal the titles of any of these in-development games though.

The reveal was made during the company’s Q3 financial report on November 14. THQ Nordic, which helped publish games such as Pillars of Eternity 2 and This is the Police, stated that it had 55 games currently in development at its various subsidiaries. Of that number, 35 are yet to be officially unveiled.

“By the end of the quarter, we had 55 games under development, of which 35 are still in the pipeline waiting to be announced,” THQ CEO Lars Wingefors wrote in an online statement. “We are patiently working on adding more great companies into the group, both developers and publishers. This is a daily proactive activity within the parent company, as well as within both operating groups. We are engaging with a large number of companies across the globe with respect to joining the group. I am confident about our strategy and capability to benefit from the ongoing shift in platforms and technologies.”

Darksiders 3 is expected to be THQ’s final gaming release of 2018. The third installment in the Darksiders series is due to land on Xbox One, PS4, and PC on November 27. The publisher will have yet another action packed year once 2019 looms into view too. The third entry in the Metro franchise—Metro Exodus—will be released in February 22, while other titles expected to land early next year include Biomutant and Generation Zero.

“Our PR, marketing and sales teams across the globe did an extensive work supporting and building the demand for our pipeline of upcoming releases,” Wingefors added. “Looking towards the upcoming two quarters, we are all excited about our key releases of Darksiders 3 and Metro Exodus.”

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