Dark Souls 3 Steam Play Whitelisted With 30+ Other Games

Dark Souls 3 Steam Play is finally here. The darkly-themed game by FromSoftware is one of over 30 additions to the Steam Play Whitelist, a growing library of titles that are more or less expected to work on Steam Play without any extra work on your part.

Steam Play is essentially a categorization of games similar to Xbox Play Anywhere. Buying a Steam Play game for PC will mean that it will also work on Mac and/or Linux depending on that specific title’s compatibilities. The addition of Dark Souls 3 Steam Play compatibility means that gamers will be able to enjoy the challenging combat on more than just Windows.

It’s far from the only addition, either. The list of games includes a number of interesting titles of all genres and sizes. The classic first-person Shooter Final DOOM is the third game in the original trilogy and makes for a fine exercise in slaughtering hell’s minions. South Park: The Stick of Truth can scratch that RPG itch with some comically juvenile humor and Nidhogg will let you battle it out with your friends in some fancy fencing fights. In total, more than 30 games have been added to the whitelist today. You can see all of the technical details over at SteamDB.

Today’s addition of Dark Souls 3 Steam Play compatibility doesn’t mean that it couldn’t work on other OSes before. Mainly, the presence on the whitelist is a nod to the fact that the game is more likely to work out of the box than not. A game being flagged as ready for Steam Play means that it should run without any special configuration on your part. It may have been possible to get a Windows-only game running on Linux via wrappers like WINE, but that is sometimes beyond the capability or patience of your average gamer.

The Dark Souls 3 Steam Play whitelisting likely won’t be represented on its store page anytime soon. It seems that Valve is keen on adding games to the list in small batches and will likely do some kind of batch update to the store in the future. In the meantime, you’ll be able to die a dozen different ways on more than just Windows.