Star Citizen Will Be Free-to-Play This Thanksgiving

Some might say that Star Citizen is the Schrödinger’s cat of video games. It sure does seem like a video game, but its hard to be sure from the outside looking in. Thankfully, anyone curious about what Star Citizen has to offer in its current state will have a chance to try it out. To celebrate Star Citizen‘s birthday, the game will be going free to play from November 23 through 30.

During that time, you can download the client and fly around in a cycling selection of every ship that the game has to offer. In addition to celebrating Star Citizen‘s birthday, this Free Fly week will mark the release of Alpha 3.3.5. The main addition to the game will be the planet Hurston. This massive habitable playspace has five distinct biomes that range from cities to coastlines.

The planet’s hub is Lorville, a densely populated city where players can purchase ships with in-game currency for the first time. This update also introduces the Face and Voice over IP tech last shown at Citizencon to all players. This also adds FPS and Scramble Race missions to the universe, upping the gameplay variety.

If you’re interested in flying a specific ship, you’ll need to schedule accordingly. Each in-game manufacturer will have their own day during the week, and only those ships will be usable by free players. The following list shows which company’s fleet will be pilotable each day.

  • Friday, November 23: Anvil Aerospace
  • Saturday, November 24: Roberts Space Industries
  • Sunday, November 25: Origin Jumpworks
  • Monday, November 26: Aegis Dynamics
  • Tuesday, November 27: Drake Interplanetary
  • Wednesday, November 28: Alien Manufacturers
  • Thursday, November 29: Musashi Industrial and Starflight Concern
  • Friday, November 30:  Kruger/Argo/Tumbril/Consolidated Outland

Each ship you fly will only be usable during the day they’re free. Ships you purchase with in-game currency will be yours to pilot until the next server reset. Ships purchased with real money will be available in perpetuity, even if they’re not in the game yet.