Pokémon Let’s Go Sales Dominate UK Charts, Fallout 76 Sales, Hitman 2 Sales Also Tallied

Pokemon Let’s Go sales are dominating the UK video game charts in their first week of release. The remake of Pokemon Yellow (with some added Pokemon Go-style mechanics) has done quite well in its first week on sale in the British Isles.

Fans of the adorable little pocket monsters got a fun new toy with the release of Pokemon Let’s Go. The game is separated into two distinct versions – one with Pikachu and one with Eevee – and is jam-packed with all sorts of fun things for fans both old and new to enjoy. We’ve been wanting a Pokemon game on the Nintendo Switch for the longest time so it’s no surprise to see that it’s sold like gangbusters.

In terms of individual titles, Spyro Reignited Trilogy sales are technically at the top of the board according to gamesindustry.biz. However, Pokemon Let’s Go sales come out on top when you combine Let’s Go Pikachu  and Let’s Go Eevee together. Other new entries have moved a respectable number of units on their own, too. Fallout 76 sales have it debuting at number three and Hitman 2 sales placed it at the very bottom of the Top 10 for last week’s charts.

The matter of the sales charts is somewhat complicated this week..While Pokemon Let’s Go sales have certainly outpaced Fallout 76 sales and Hitman 2 sales, it made for a weaker opening day when compared to previous titles in the franchise. Let’s Go sales are 60 percent lower compared to 2016’s Sun and Moon handheld titles and five percent lower compared to X and Y. As always, this particular UK sales chart does not factor in the growing number of gamers who prefer to buy digitally.

There’s also the matter of actual profits generated. While Fallout 76 sales have placed it at number three on the list, the higher launch price as compared to other titles means that Bethesda Softworks has generated the most revenue for this week. Hitman 2 sales were comparatively not as good (even as a full-price title) considering its debut in tenth place.

Nintendo has firmly been targeting Pokemon Let’s Go towards younger audiences and they believe that it will help attract that demographic. These sorts of gamers aren’t necessarily the sort to buy a game the week it comes out so we may very well see Pokemon Let’s Go sales remain steady or even go up in the coming weeks.