Free Nintendo Switch… With Every $1200 Diamond Purchase

There are plenty of contests and deals where gamers can get their hands on a free Nintendo Switch. (I’ve certainly entered more than my fair share of them.) A somewhat stranger deal has popped up as of late – you can get your hands on the latest Nintendo console as a complimentary gift – with the purchase of $1,199.oo or more in diamonds. No, that’s not a typo.

The deal in question (spotted at ResetEra) comes from Helzberg Diamonds, a company that sells fine jewelry throughout the United States. Someone at the company had a stroke of genius (or perhaps just a stroke) and decided that they could bring in some more customers with an interesting free gift. The gift, in this case, just so happens to be a free Nintendo Switch.

To get your hands on a free Nintendo Switch, you’ll simply have to head into any Helzberg Diamonds retailer (easy) and spend $1,199.00 or more on a purchase (not so easy). This deal just gets you the console – you won’t be getting any kind of service plans or games added with your new toy. If you’re the sort who’s just out for a free Nintendo Switch and you’d prefer not to drop a grand and change, bad news – returning your shiny new jewelry will also require that you return the console. You also won’t be able to combine any other discounts or gift cards with this offer.

The offer at Helzberg Diamonds is in effect until Christmas Eve (December 24, 2018) or while supplies last. A handy link provided by the retailer on its website for the deal shows you all of the fine pieces you can pick up for $1,199.00 or more.

If you’d like to pick up a nice tennis bracelet or a sparkling engagement ring in the near future, you can find your nearest store at Helzberg Diamonds’ website. I’m sure a round or two of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will take the edge off of that credit card bill. And hey, if the engagement goes south – at least you’ll have Mario and friends to keep you company.