The Final Fantasy 13 Xbox One Backward Compatibility Version Goes the Extra Mile

Xbox One’s backwards compatibility feature is a great asset for those who want to play their old games on a newer system. But the Final Fantasy 13 Xbox One enhancements go above and beyond the standard for backward compatibility. It was a pretty game when it came out back in 2009, but these new enhancements make it look more like a modern day release.

Obviously, the biggest addition to this version of Final Fantasy 13 are the updated graphics and resolution. Whereas the original Xbox 360 version ran at a 1024 by 576 resolution, this backwards compatible version runs at a much improved 3072 by 1728. And like with most Xbox One re-releases, Final Fantasy 13 does get the 4K resolution bump, far exceeding its original 720p.

The enhancements don’t end with updated graphics and resolution, however. Performance wise, the Final Fantasy 13 Xbox One version outpaces its original Xbox 360 counterpart thanks to the new GPU boost. Issues with the game’s frame rate that were a noticeable problem in the original release are now resolved thanks to the more powerful Xbox One.

Even the game’s cutscenes are noticeably better. The video quality was one of the biggest discrepancies between the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of Final Fantasy 13 which was due to their different storage abilities. The 360 version had to be heavily downsized to fit to both discs, which wasn’t a problem with the PlayStation 3 thanks to Blu-Ray storage. The Xbox One version of Final Fantasy 13 now includes a new 720p version of that video so you can enjoy the game as it was meant to be viewed.

Digital Foundry has done a deep dive of all of Final Fantasy 13 Xbox One improvements, which you can check out below. It’s remarkable just how great the game looks compared to its original Xbox 360 release, which was considered inferior at the time. Final Fantasy 13 has a mixed legacy, but it’s never looked better thanks to these huge enhancements.