Fortnite Dynamite Disabled Due to Crashing Issue, Merely an Hour After Launch

Gamers have found Fortnite dynamite disabled just an hour after its addition to the game. The new toy has apparently caused some measure of trouble in the battle royale title, resulting in Epic Games temporarily disabling the item. Dynamite was one of the newest additions to Fortnite earlier today. It fits in nicely with the Wild West theme of the patch and it’s much more than an emote — it’s a brand-new type of grenade. Dynamite comes in stacks of three and is capable of doing 70 damage to players. Structures, however, are another matter entirely, as the deadly little package will do a whopping 800 damage to structures. The explosion is spread out in the shape of a flat cylinder 1,600 units in diameter and 386 units in height. A five-second fuse and comparatively short throw distance means that enemies will have plenty of opportunity to escape.

Unfortunately, you won’t be doing much demolition with Fortnite dynamite disabled. A tweet from the game’s official account states that the item has been temporarily removed from play due to an implied suspicion that it’s caused “an increase in client crashes”.

The new explosives are part of the time-limited Wild West mode. In the mode, players are only able to use a select range of items befitting this particular theme. With Fortnite dynamite disabled, gamers trying out the time-limited mode will find themselves wanting for an explosive to take care of troublesome enemy structures on the field of play.

Epic Games is currently investigating the issue that has been causing these crashes and will provide players with an update as soon as they have one. As for the event itself, there may be the possibility of it being extended to compensate for its issues early in its life. Epic has extended events before, and it probably isn’t as much fun to play around in the Wild West with Fortnite dynamite disabled. Here’s hoping they get out a fix and give players a little more playtime to make up for it.