Ninja’s Fortnite Reporting Is Making Fans Angry

Reporting players for nefarious actions is the best way to get rid of those who cheat the system. Fortnite, one of the biggest games of the console generation, obviously has a method of dealing with bad players. Ninja’s Fortnite reporting, however, is leaving fans of his streams up in arms.

This began earlier this month when Ninja was eliminated during a Fortnite game. Not a big deal, but apparently the person who sniped Ninja emoted after the match. Ninja made the conclusion that someone had been watching his stream and sniped him. Over the air, Ninja reported the streamer for their behavior. Icyfive, the player in question, defended himself on Twitter saying he was only celebrating because he took out a famous player.

Ninja has since apologized to Icyfive for reporting him. But another story soon popped up on Reddit where a different player claimed that they were banned because Ninja reported that they had a higher ping than him. A representative of Epic Games, developer of Fortnite, made a post debunking that claim, saying that the person had changed their name to match the account that had been banned for an unrelated reason.

Still, people on Reddit and other social media sites have been going off on Ninja, who remains one of the biggest Fortnite personalities. . Moderators have tried to quell the barrage of hate, but once people form an opinion, it can be hard to convince them otherwise.

While Ninja’s popularity isn’t going to dry up anytime soon, it’s clear that people are starting to call him out as a direct result of his reporting, even if some of the other claims that pop up may not be true. Maybe a good showing in the Fortnite Winter Royale will turn the tide of opinion back in his favor?