Limited Edition Super Smash Bros Amiibo Box Announced for Japan

Are yo having trouble collecting every Smash Bros amiibo out there? There are tons to collect, and trying to find them all can be a daunting task. The good news is that Amazon Japan is releasing a Smash Bros amiibo box set that will contain a bulk of the game’s roster when the game comes out. The bad news? There are only 50.

The box set will feature a giant collection of 63 Super Smash Bros amiibo, ranging everywhere from old classics like Mario to newer characters like Ryu and Cloud. Although since there are 73 characters overall in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, you’d still need to collect 11 more even with this box set.

The amiibo will come inside a giant box, which can be used for storing the figures. There’s also a scroll featuring the series’ famed Battlefield stage that you can hang up on a wall or perhaps as a background for an amiibo display. The set also comes with amiibo that are due out on December 7, which include Ridley, Inkling Girl and Wolf. Figures that arrive next year, such as King K. Rool and the Ice Climbers (February 15) and Piranha Plant (which doesn’t have a release date) are also included.

Other amiibo slated for release in late 2019 include Ken, Young Link, Isabelle, Pichu and Daisy. Presumably, there may also be amiibo for characters such as the returning Solid Snake and Incineroar, but those have yet to have officially been announced.

In Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS, amiibo are used to create CPU characters that can be customized and trained differently than other normal CPU characters. The data from these amiibo can be transferred over to Smash Bros Ultimate. The set will arrive on December 7, the same day that Super Smash Bros Ultimate is released worldwide. There’s no word on a Western release.