The Messenger Adds New Game Plus and a Jukebox

If you’re a fan of old school games, The Messenger is one of the standout 2018 titles in that respect. Blending two forms of graphics and many gameplay inspirations, Sabotage crafted a 2D action-adventure that was critically acclaimed across the industry. Today, it gets a little better. A big patch dropped for the game that added new abilities, a sound test, and New Game Plus. So, even if you’ve already conquered every mountain across two timelines, you now have more ninja time ahead of you.

The New Game Plus mode is the most significant addition. This is accessible only if you’ve completed 100 percent of a previous save. Starting over again will let you skip some content from the start, as you pick one side item as you go. Then, in true Messenger fashion, you can beat the game and start over on an even harder setting.

The developer calls it “additive New Game Plus.” Each additional run ramps up the difficulty while also giving you an additional item from the jump. After a few runs, you’ll only need to collect music notes, but the enemies might kill you in one hit. This could be a problem to some, as The Messenger‘s generous respawns are no longer in play. If you don’t have enough currency to pay the piper, you’ll have to start over. And this doesn’t mean from the start of the level, or even the start of your run. You’ll need to start back at the first level of New Game Plus.

A new type of shuriken that can hit through walls and a sound test you can use to change any level’s background music were also added in this patch. You can also finally change the game’s controls from the menu if you really want to jump with left on the d-pad for some reason. The developers lay out all the changes in the video below, as well as tease a new announcement concerning The Messenger in early December. We’ll be waiting.