Fallout 76 God Mode Bug Affects Player Who Just Wants to Die

A Fallout 76 player has experienced an incredibly unfortunate invulnerability bug. The Fallout 76 god mode bug has made the player character unkillable for about a week. The player reached out to Bethesda support, who were unhelpful in dealing with the bug.

Reddit user Brogadyn shared their plight yesterday, saying that their Fallout 76 character “currently is unkillable.” Brogadyn has attempted everything in their power to kill their character. They have tried dropping a nuclear bomb on them, sitting in a radioactive fissure that kills every other character that goes near it, and getting swarmed by high level enemies all to no avail.

Brogadyn went to Bethesda on Friday, November 16 and received a canned response on Thanksgiving day. The response from Bethesda didn’t help Brogadyn, and they said it “feels like a huge kick in the teeth at this point.” Their character cannot cure anything, and the game shows that they have zero health points at all times. Brogadyn says that they asked Bethesda to kill their character for them, because they can’t enjoy the game with their invulnerable character.

Brogadyn’s Reddit thread has over 700 comments, with many suggesting he become a merciless killer in game. Several have offered suggestions for killing the character, including drowning, and an “instant kill barrier” that Brogadyn had already tried. Brogadyn added several images of their character not dying in situations that should have killed them to the Reddit thread, to give credence to their plight.

Bethesda responded in the thread yesterday, asking for information regarding Brogadyn’s account. No further updates have come from the player or Bethesda Support. It seems like Brogadyn is the first to publicize this Fallout 76 god mode bug, although they suggested it could be replicated. One comment said the bug exists in other Bethesda Game Studios titles, including Fallout 4. That comment suggested that there is no fix to the bug in Fallout 4 either.