Nintendo Details Splatoon 2’s Final Planned Content Update

Nintendo has released the details on Splatoon 2‘s final planned content update ver. 4.3.0. The update will be available on December 5 and brings new gear abilities, weapons and more to the ink based shooter.

The details come in a video attached to a Tweet posted by the official competitive Nintendo UK account, Nintendo UK VS.

Among the new features coming in Splatoon 2‘s final update, you can find an entirely new gear ability called Main Power Up. This ability gives you a boost to your main weapon but it’s worth checking how it works with your loadout as effects will vary quite a bit.

Splattershots see increased accuracy with Main Power Up but only while jumping, Undercover Brella’s guard regenerates faster, whereas the Aerospray MG will cover more ground and the Splatroller simply does more damage.

Depending on your playstyle whether or not this ability will help you could definitely vary. It’s also worth checking out what it does to weapons you don’t play so you know what to expect from your enemies.

Bomb Defence Up and Cold-Blooded gear abilities are being replaced by the new Bom Defence Up DX. This ability is a combination of the two previous ones and will have the full effects of both. Any gear you already have with one of the old abilities will automatically have Bomb Defence Up DX when the update rolls out.

A slew of eight new weapons are also being added to the game in Splatoon 2‘s final content update. The video only showed us four of the upcoming artillery in the Ballpoint Splatling Nouveau, Nautilus 79, Custom Explosher, and Bloblobber Deco but also teased 4 new weapons to come.

Splatoon 2‘s final content update marks the end of free content support since the game originally launched last year in July. Nintendo has said that this won’t be the end of support for Splatoon 2 and that Splatfests and general balance updates will continue until July next year.