You Can Use the Xbox Adaptive Controller on Switch

While each major console has its own unique controller to use, it turns out that we can use the Xbox Adaptive Controller on Switch. The Adaptive Controller is a special type of device that foregoes the more traditional inputs for something that is far more accessible. If you find the Switch Joy-Cons or Pro Controller too difficult to use, there is a workaround in getting the Adaptive Controller to work on the Switch.

YouTuber My Mate VINCE was the person to make this discovery. Be warned, however, that the Adaptive Controller is not officially supported by Nintendo or the Switch console. Therefore, it will not work as well as it does on the Xbox One, nor will Nintendo be able to fix something if it does anything bad to your Switch.

If you follow this step-by-step guide (for handheld mode), you should be using your Xbox Adaptive Controller on Switch soon enough:

  • Buy a Magic-NS Adapter (this converts the signal from the adaptive Controller so it should work on the Switch)
  • Head into your Switch Settings, go into “Controllers and Sensors,” and turn on Pro Controller Wired Communication
  • Plug the Magic-NS Adapter into the Switch with the USB C on-the-go cable
  • Make sure the Magic-NS is on the “Purple Mode,” hold a black button on the side down until it does this
  • Plug the Xbox Adaptive Controller into the Magic-NS Adapter with a USB C cable.

Going through these steps should make the Xbox Adaptive Controller work on Switch. Remember that it will mimic an Xbox One controller, so the buttons will be different. Thankfully, you can remap the Xbox Adaptive Controller buttons into whatever order you’d like. Just do so on the Accessories App on a PC.

For a better look at the process, watch the video below.

Image Credit: Microsoft.