Sea of Thieves Expansion Shrouded Spoils Arrives Tomorrow

Sea of Thieves Expansion titled Shrouded Spoils should be coming to Xbox One, PC, and PS4 sometime tomorrow, November 28. The newest content update to your high seas hijinks is set to add some new features and improvements for players.

The newest Sea of Thieves expansion had previously been detailed in the November 21 Developer Update by executive producer Joe Neate, which you can see in full below. At the time, he was able to say that Shrouded Spoils had a release window and was nearing completion. A tweet from the game’s official account has since confirmed that the latest Sea of Thieves expansion will indeed be arriving tomorrow.

The initial launch of Sea of Thieves had a lukewarm reception at best. One of the foremost complaints of players was the sheer lack of things to do in the game. These issues have been addressed by the previous three Sea of Thieves expansion endeavors by Rare. The newest expansion Shrouded Spoils will be doing things just a little bit differently than before.

A Polygon piece has some more details on what we can expect. Fog is being added to the game – a danger to any sailor, but an even greater danger when the likes of a Kraken lurks below the sea. You’ll need to pay special attention to any mist rolling over the ocean as it might be concealing a gigantic monster, an enemy ship, or both.

Speaking of monsters, the Kraken and Megalodon will now drop loot. These creatures of the deep will now drop some goodies if players can manage to defeat them. The Kraken is also getting a new attack called the “Kraken slap” and this creature will be more efficient at dealing damage as compared to before. Each tentacle that players can kill will net them some shiny new goodies for their arsenal.

New ship customization options, improvements to skeleton ships, and a handful of other features round out the newest Sea of Thieves expansion. This will be the last major content addition of 2018, though it certainly isn’t the end of development – Rare fully intends to keep on working on Sea of Thieves well into 2019.