No, This Isn’t What the PS5 Looks Like

Information circulating today suggests that we’ve received our first look at the PS5with new images of the next Sony console having reportedly made their way online. However, despite erroneous claims that these images reveal the as-yet-unannounced console, the reality is that they’re nothing more than 3D renders based on a debunked leak.

The renders, which show a similar design to the PS4 albeit with curved edges and a slimmer chassis, were created by Netherlands tech blog LetsGoDigital in collaboration with the Bonami SpelComputer Museum. While the images circulating online and on social media has caused many to believe they depict the PS5, the images were not created by Sony.

The images were seemingly inspired by a recent Russian “leak,” which claimed to contain images of an early PS5 prototype. However, this leak was later confirmed to be fake, though LetsGoDigital apes the design in its own renders.

Sony has confirmed that it’s working on the PS5, though hasn’t elaborated on what we can expect from the console.

“At this point, what I can say is it’s necessary to have a next-generation hardware,” Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida said in an interview earlier this year.

Sony later posted job listings seemingly related to the PS5, with the company hiring a marketing campaign manager and senior software engineer for the console. The senior role stated that it was looking for applicants who would join a team tasked with “developing platforms that enable delivering intelligent experiences to next generation of PlayStation devices.”

However, while Sony has confirmed development on the console, the company hasn’t revealed what we can expect from it. Reports have suggested that it will be similar to the PS4, unlike Microsoft’s shift to game streaming with the next Xbox, and that it will host top-tier eSports events.

Whatever the case may be, we haven’t yet seen the console itself, and Sony’s plans still remain a mystery. You can check out the “PS5” renders in the gallery below: