Conan Kojima Productions Comment Says Death Stranding Is ‘Far’ Away

Conan Kojima Productions visit has given the red-headed talk show host some insight into the upcoming game Death Stranding, although we probably won’t be able to hear much for a while.

Legendary talk show host Conan O’Brien recently took a trip to Japan. The trip was preceded by an entertaining segment where he discovered that the town of Hokuei in the Tottori prefecture had the nickname “Conan Town”. He jokingly made several demands to the town’s mayor for making use of his name, even though the honorary name for the town was due to its status as the birthplace of Detective Conan manga author Gosho Aoyama.

Conan Kojima Productions visit was one of the stops in his tour of the island nation. According to an answer in a Q&A session with his audience, Mr. O’Brien had made a stop at the offices of the legendary game developer Hideo Kojima. Unfortunately, he isn’t able to say very much about it just yet.

“They’re working on a very top-secret video game that’s called Death Stranding,” Mr. O’Brien began. “And no one’s allowed to know anything about it.” Conan goes on to state that they definitely shot footage during the Conan Kojima Productions visit but he can’t show it just yet. “But, we can’t show anything yet because it’s too far from when the game is coming out.” The Death Stranding release date had recently been hinted at by a major retailer, although the specifics are still unclear.

Conan O’Brien definitely shot something at Hideo Kojima’s offices and we’re likely to see a segment featuring the upcoming game on his show in the future. The Conan Kojima Productions segment should be giving us some cool insights into what’s going on behind the scenes at the Japanese developer. Unfortunately, Conan insinuates that we won’t get to see it until we’re closer to the Death Stranding release date. “It’s gonna zip in at just the perfect time and everyone’s gonna freak out.”