Stardew Valley Developer to Start Publishing His Own Game

Stardew Valley developer, Eric Barone (or perhaps better known as ConcernedApe) will now begin publishing the game on most platforms. This means that the one man powerhouse behind the popular farming sim will be adding another feather to his already well worn straw hat.

Barone shared the news in an update on the Stardew Valley website stating that he will take over publishing duties for the game as of December 14. The Stardew Valley developer is self-publishing the game on PC, Xbox One, PS4, and PS Vita from here on out. The original Stardew Valley publisher, Chucklefish will continue to publish the game across Nintendo and mobile platforms, at least for now.

It doesn’t seem that there’s any bad blood between Stardew Valley developer and publisher, as they will still be involved in some of the publishing process for those platforms. Barone also explains the help Chucklefish provided when he was still new to the industry.

“Chucklefish, as my publisher, oversaw the distribution, console ports and translations of the game.” explained Barone. “They set up the official wiki and helped me redesign the website, to great effect. And of course, Tom Coxon did amazing work adding network code to the game, making multiplayer a reality.”

It seems that now he simply feels that he’s ready to take on those a good potion of the duties and responsibilities himself. The Stardew Valley developer describes self-publishing as something most indie developers would want to do if possible.

He ended the post teasing more announcements for Stardew Valley to come in the future.

Similarly, Chucklefish has also released a statement expressing pride in Stardew Valley and wishing Barone well in his publishing ventures. It also states the Switch multiplayer update has already been submitted to Nintendo and assures fans than an Android version of the game is still coming.