The Just Cause 4 Trailer Is Jam-Packed WIth Explosive Action

The Just Cause 4 trailer is out and it’s positively packed with explosive action to get fans hyped for the game.

The Just Cause 4 trailer opens with a quick stinger and a title drop. It then transitions into some beautiful views of the game’s massive, open-world island before getting into the action. The classic grappling hook and wingsuit from previous games make their return in spectacular fashion. Tornadoes are shown at multiple points, devastating the landscape and chucking unfortunate people, vehicles, and boats wildly into the air.

Just Cause 4 is the newest game in a franchise that tends to lean towards the less-realistic side of gaming. Players take on the role of Rico Rodriguez, a special agent with a penchant for plastic explosives and causing mayhem. He’s quite keen on taking down evil dictators and has an arsenal of awesome tools to get the job done. We get to see some of these hallmarks in the Just Cause 4 trailer down below.

As if the weather weren’t bad enough, Rico Rodriguez is more than capable of causing his own brand of chaos. Rocket booster and balloons can be attached to almost any movable object in the game, letting players send everything from people to tanks (and everything in-between) airborne.

Our preview of the game highlights some of the bombastic buffooneries that players can pull off. One innovative player managed to use balloons and boosters attached to an anti-aircraft gun and turn it into a mobile weapons platform that they could control (albeit with some difficulty). Avalanche Studios seems keen on giving players the freedom to mess around and it definitely shows in the Just Cause 4 trailer.

If this trailer has you pumped up for the next chapter in the adventures of Rico Rodriguez, you won’t have to wait too much longer – Just Cause 4 will be out on December 4, 2018.