Fallout 76 December Roadmap Features Stash Storage Increase and More

Bethesda has released the details of its Fallout 76 December roadmap. The first changes came with a new patch on December 4 and there will be continued work on performance issues during December. Bethesda also mentions a patch coming in mid-December but details on what it’ll bring are sparse.

It’s been a rough start for Fallout 76 but Bethesda are at least looking to make amends with the game itself. The most recent patch for the game on December 4 saw the stash storage limit increased by 50 percent.

There are changes for some player traits as well, with higher-level resource collectors now generating ore instead of scrap. Players also got a handful of bug fixes that apparently put an end to players getting stuck on loading screens for PS4 and Xbox One, while Xbox One players should no longer see their game crash when sending multiple party invitations. A full list of the latest patch notes can be found here.

The next update will come on December 11 and Bethesda has marked it out for improving quality of life for PC players, with new settings being introduced. There will also be general C.A.M.P improvements and the chance to redistribute your character points after players reach level 50. The December 11 patch will also introduce a new C.A.M.P feature that’s only been referred to a “Bulldozer” in past messages. Bethesda goes into a little more detail in the post, saying the tool will be used to clear out trees, rocks, and more to make building objects a bit easier for players.

The final patch for December will arrive on December 18. Bethesda has earmarked the patch as another chance to improve stability and “other concerns raised by the community” which is a pretty lengthy list we’re guessing. Bethesda hasn’t given many details on what this patch will bring other than the broad areas it’ll focus on, though players have been told that more information will be given closer to the third patch’s date.