The Game Awards 2018: Obsidian Announces The Outer Worlds, a New Sci-Fi RPG

The Outer Worlds, a new game from Obsidian, was announced at The Game Awards 2018. The game is a single-player RPG set in an entirely new universe. Obsidian has partnered with publisher Private Division to bring the game to PC, PS4, and Xbox One, in a deal that was established before Microsoft’s recent acquisition of the studio. The trailer shown set the stage for some of what we’ll see in The Outer Worlds, and what the overarching story will consist of.

The Outer Worlds takes place on Halcyon, a colony planet on the edge of human-occupied space. Your character has just awakened after spending seven years frozen in cryogenic stasis. The more complex details of the plot aren’t known yet, but you’ll have to work against a conspiracy that threatens Halcyon by helping or opposing the various factions on the planet.

Those who have wanted a game in the vein of Fallout New Vegas can rejoice. The Outer Worlds will focus on character building, and you’ll be expected to roleplay a flawed protagonist, not just a cardboard representation of yourself. Part of the character creation process will include players choosing flaws for their character. These flaws will then be offset by perks which give you bonuses in other areas.

Throughout The Outer Worlds, you’ll continue to build your character through actions in-game. Dialog, choices you make, and factions you choose to align with all will have an impact on your development. You can expect more in-depth dialog options to be a hallmark of The Outer Worlds, with many options being available. Some speech options will be dependent on your stats and perks which makes character building all the more vital.

A release date for The Outer Worlds hasn’t been announced. However, we do know the company is pushing for a launch sometime in 2019.