Shadow of the Tomb Raider Free Trial Now Available

You can play the opening segments of Lara Croft’s latest adventure with the new Shadow of the Tomb Raider free trial. You’ll be able to play through the game’s Mexico setting and this demo promises to give players a look at what the game is all about. The free trial comes after a fairly mixed reaction for the game since its September release.

If you still aren’t sure what to make of the last installment of the Tomb Raider’s rebooted trilogy, we don’t really blame you. Shadow of the Tomb Raider‘s reception was ambivalence incarnated. But to help you make up your mind, Square and Crystal Dynamics have released a free trial of the game. The trial will let you play the entire Mexico section of the game, which lasts for around 45 minutes or up to an hour if you take your time. Much of what you’ll see is the foundations of the game’s story and a lot of snazzy set pieces.

The game may not have sold all too well, but its critical reception has been, well, fairly mixed. Some–like our Michael Leri–praising the game for a more nuanced approach to characters and a more refined handling of a story that managed to show rather than tell. While others, including Michael, were let down by the game’s inability to get past the fairly generic item hunting and point to point combat sections.

The free trial comes after the Tomb Raider title suffered a series of review bombings from players on Steam after it was discounted a month after release. Though many of the negative reviews were concerned about the price rather than the game and Shadow of the Tomb Raider has managed to recover from the campaign pretty quickly. If you’re still unsure whether it’s the game you were hoping for, you can pick up the free trial on PS4, Xbox, and Steam in each store.