Journey PC Debuts on the Epic Games Store Soon

A lot of players thought that a Journey PC port would probably never happen but it looks like that time has finally – almost – come. The game was announced for its PC debut alongside a host of other titles coming to the Epic Games Store during the Games Awards. There’s no specific date yet but it’s the latest coup that Epic Games has managed over competitors GOG and Steam.

Journey was released way back in 2011 as a Sony exclusive but almost seven years after its initial release, the game will finally be available to non-PlayStation players. The announcement of Journey‘s imminent arrival to PC through Epic Games Store came alongside announcements for Subnautica, Abzu developer Giant Squid’s new game, and Darksiders 3.

The string of announcements came in a busy week for Epic. The new digital store had only been announced this week before it then began offering better revenue streams for developers compared to Steam and finally being announced on Thursday. It’s been a string of early victories for Epic’s new digital storefront, out-gunning both Steam in terms of the relationship with developers Epic is pushing. And the news of PC debuts for games like Journey coming through Epic will be another notch in the new store’s favor. Whether or not the game will later be available through Steam of GOG isn’t known.

Journey has long been praised for its vibrant color palette and minimalistic design that bleeds into grand structures at points in the game. While its pacifist multiplayer mode allows players to join your game, though you can only communicate through a selection of words, music, and some movements. We reviewed the game upon its original release, praising Journey for its hauntingly beautiful soundtrack and its clever take on multiplayer.

At the moment, the Epic Store page for Journey only reads “Coming Soon.” Though an early 2019 release date may well be a possibility, nothing has been confirmed.

(Via Eurogamer)