Devil May Cry 5 Demo is Exclusive to Xbox One

Those of you who were hoping for another look at the upcoming Devil May Cry 5 are in luck because a demo for the game has just been released. The bad news is that the Devil May Cry 5 demo is exclusive to Xbox One. Capcom’s PR has teased what’s in store for players but we don’t know whether the demo will arrive on other platforms later down the line.

The demo was announced by Capcom and Microsoft during the Game Awards and the news is sure to have left one or two PlayStation players a bit miffed, but hey, you lot have enough exclusives already, let Xbox have this one thing. Xbox One players can download the demo right now and play as Nero as he tries to find out what’s bought a bunch of demons to Red Grave City, which you’ll do mostly by killing demons.

The demo will also give you the first look at the game’s new “Devil Breakers” tool which offers different abilities in battle for a limited time. Capcom’s people mentioned that in the demo, Nero’s Devil Bringer Arm has been broken which is why you’ll be using these finite boosts instead. We’re not sure whether we’ll be using them throughout the entire game.

Capcom was quick to emphasize the game’s return to its trademark over-the-top action, and it’s not just confined to the moves you can pull off in the game either. The more you pull off those flashy combos and edge towards that SSS rank, the more the in-game music ramps up, with Capcom saying the game’s full battle theme does enough to keep players pumped during the action.

Xbox One players can download the Devil May Cry 5 demo from the Microsoft Store right now, though Capcom hasn’t yet said if demo will come to either the PS4 or PC at a later date.