CSGO Portal Easter Egg

CSGO Portal Easter Egg Just a “Bit of Fun,” Not a Portal 3 Hint

CSGO Portal easter egg drove fans wild with speculation over the possibility of a third game in the silly sci-fi franchise. Regrettably, it turns out that this is simply a fun easter egg and nothing more.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive recently went free-to-play. A core part of the new experience is Danger Zone, the game’s version of battle royale gameplay. A CSGO Portal easter egg was hidden within the battle royale map and fans were going wild with speculation over the possibility of getting a third game in the series.

The CSGO Portal easter egg is contained in the third room of a hotel. Humorously, Room 3 was boarded up from the outside but could be accessed via Room 2. It’s a long-running joke that Valve is unable to ever make a third game in a series, a feat that they have yet to achieve. The contents of the room contained some code that was deciphered by enthusiastic fans. This code referenced the lyrics of the ending song from the first Portal game. Understandably, they hoped that this was an alternate reality game or some kind of a hint regarding a third game in the franchise.

Unfortunately, this CSGO Portal easter egg is just that – a fun little easter egg. This was confirmed via the official Twitter account for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive:

Redditors on the /r/Steam subreddit put a good bit of work into figuring out the code. A series of different words are played in the easter egg room. Ultimately, decoding these words resulted in the message “This was a triumph. I’m making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS.” This is a reference to the ending song from the first Portal game.

If the confirmation from the official CSGO Twitter isn’t enough, another Redditor has purportedly received an e-mail from Gabe Newell himself confirming that it is indeed an easter egg and nothing more. It looks like we won’t be seeing Portal 3 anytime soon.

[via PCGamesN]

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