Conan Unconquered Is an RTS from the Makers of Command and Conquer

We were promised that a new Conan the Barbarian game would be announced at the Kinda Funny Games showcase, and indeed it has, although it might not be what you were expecting. The new game’s called Conan Unconquered, and instead of a hack-and-slash action adventure or something like that it’s actually a PC-exclusive real-time strategy game. The new RTS is a collaboration between Funcom, Conan license holders and developer of Age of Conan, and the RTS specialists at Petroglyph Games.

Petroglyph is the developer of strategy games such as Star Wars: Empire At War, Rise of Immortals, Grey Goo and 8-Bit Armies. Most notably, the studio is made up of veterans from Westwood Studios, the developer that made Command and Conquer and basically created the RTS with Dune 2. Petroglyph was also recently announced as working on the remasters of Command and Conquer and C&C: Red Alert for EA, so the announcement of Conan Unconquered was something of a surprise.

You can check out the cinematic trailer for the game above, or the Steam page for it right hereConan Unconquered currently has a vague release date of Q2 2019, which is anytime between April and June next year. Players will have to build up their stronghold and created the fiercest, most unassailable army to survive. It’s actually a little different to classic Command and Conquer-style RTS games, and sounds similar to indie hit They Are Billions.

Instead of building an army and going out and attacking your opponent, in Conan Unconquered you stay in your stronghold and advance your defenses against the attacking hordes instead. It’s about survival rather than conquest. The game will be playable in solo and co-op, and includes legendary heroes such as Conan himself, diseases, magic, and even avatars of the gods. It’s inspired by Black Colossus, a Conan short story by original creator Robert E. Howard. We assume that neither Arnold Schwarzenegger nor Jason Momoa will be making an appearance though.