Epic Games Store pulls Conan Exiles giveaway at the last minute

Conan Exiles Epic Games Store giveaway was planned to take place today, but it looks like it isn’t going to happen. The Epic Games Store has announced that there will be no Conan Exiles Epic Games Store release today — and it hasn’t specified a reason why, either.

Roughly a week ago, the official Conan Exiles Twitter account put out a tweet hinting that Conan Exiles would be getting a free release on the Epic Games Store. The tweet was still live as of an hour ago, but it has since been deleted.

The removal of this tweet probably has something to do with an announcement put out by the official Epic Games Store Twitter account this morning, barely an hour before the new free games were supposed to make their debut.

“The Epic Games Store team has decided that Conan Exiles will not be free, but will be available for purchase on the store at a later date,” the tweet plainly explained.

There wasn’t any reason given for the last-minute cancellation of the Conan Exiles Epic Games Store giveaway beyond the above tweet. There is currently no information on the Conan Exiles or Funcom Twitter accounts, either.

Conan Exiles Epic Games Store giveaway Epic Games Store page coming soon

This isn’t the only issue that the Epic Games Store has had this week. Yesterday, the Epic Games Store announced that they were delaying the release of Trackmania on the Epic Games Store; that issue was corrected after roughly ten hours.

In the time since the announcement of the cancellation, this week’s free Epic Games Store games have been revealed — there is indeed no Conan Exiles Epic Games Store giveaway. Instead, the only game made available this week for free is Hue. Next week, however, will feature giveaways for Killing Floor 2Lifeless Planet: Premier Edition, and The Escapists 2.

We can’t say for certain why the Conan Exiles Epic Games Store giveaway was canceled; everything seemed to be going according to plan until this morning. Hopefully, we’ll be hearing some kind of official announcement explaining the canceled giveaway in the near future.