Infinity Blade Trilogy Gone From Apple’s App Store

Sad news for those that were waiting to play the Infinity Blade games on their iOS device: they’re no longer on the App Store. With the Infinity Blade trilogy gone from the App Store, Epic Games’ first foray into the mobile game business have now vanished for most.

Epic wrote on their website that the games were no longer purchasable as of December 10. Current owners of the games will be able to play them and re-download them from accounts that own the games “for the foreseeable future”, according to the post.

Epic cites continuing development of upcoming espionage mobile game Spyjinx and other projects as reasons for the game’s removal.

“The Infinity Blade series will always hold a special place for me personally and for Epic as a whole,” Donald Mustard, Global Creative Director of Epic said in a statement. “It’s always bittersweet to say goodbye, but we are excited for Spyjinx and what the future holds!”

Infinity Blade III will continue to be supported with updated Clash Mobs, along with “other surprises”. A Infinity Blade stickers app is also available now on the App Store for free.

This announcement comes as Fortnite’s 7.01 update patch has been released. Interestingly, the Infinity Blade sword seen in the series was added in the update as a weapon. It can be found on Polar Peak, and it’s primary sword slash can dish out up to 75 damage. The sword’s wielder will also see improved health and the ability to jump long distances.

The first Infinity Blade was first released in 2010, the first game to run in iOS under the Unreal Engine. A sequel came out the following year, with a third title being released in 2013.

The news comes as Epic Games are shifting around resources thanks to the huge success of Fortnite in the last year. They have recently opened the Epic Games Store which gives developers a 88 percent revenue share, outclassing the App Store and Steam in that regard.