Apple taunts Epic with Fortnite rival PUBG Mobile

Fortnite competitor PUBG Mobile is being featured on the App Store today in a rather ironic move: today is the day that Epic Games’ developer account was to be terminated after the company tried to get around Apple’s 30% commission on purchases in the App Store.

The App Store often features select apps to promote interesting or popular content to its userbase. Today’s storefront includes a “sneak peek” into what’s coming to PUBG Mobile according to 9to5Mac.

Earlier this month, Epic tried to get around Apple and Google’s 30% commission by introducing the Epic Direct payment. Epic’s actions resulted in Fortnite being removed from the App Store a few hours later and Google Play a few hours after that. Epic Games quickly filed legal action against both companies.

In response, Apple said that it was going to terminate all of Epic Games’ developer accounts on August 28 — including those for the Unreal Engine.  While Fortnite will remain off of the iOS App Store for now, a judge has subsequently prevented Apple from disabling developer accounts related to Unreal Engine and Epic’s other properties.

The highlighting of PUBG Mobile today certainly seems like a cheeky move on Apple’s part. There’s one sure winner in this fight, though — Tencent owns a stake in both games.